We create our campus with a naturalistic and lively environment to encourage students to explore nature and develop learning interests. There are 24 classrooms all equipped with the whiteboard facility.  Our other special rooms with specific academic learning purposes include Discovery Lab, STEM Lab, Maker Space, Ironman Training Base, Campus TV Room/Campus Recording Room, Central Library, Music Room, Visual Arts Room, In-Tech Lab, English Fun Planet, Councelling Room, Games Room, Principal Office, Staff Room, Conference Room, General Office, Printing Room, Sports Storeroom, PTA Resource Centre, Reception, Hall, Rock Climbing Wall, Covered Playground, Basketball Court and so on.

To keep abreast with the most current education trend, we have newly established Maker Space and Play Room / Interview Room.

Maker Space

Maker Space is the latest innovation and technology place at our school.
The facilities here include 3D printer, mobile e-whiteboard, laptops and many other research tools.
Maker Space is open during school hours.
Students who are interested in science and technology can learn and explore further in this open and free environment.
In addition, Maker Space is the main venue to exhibit students’ achievement in ‘21-day STEM expert’ Programme.

Social Worker Room / Counselling Room

There are two full-time registered social workers and one part-time registered social worker in our school.
They strive to help students solve academic problems and integrate into the school community.
In addition to follow up the individual needs of students,
the social workers also implement various counselling activities which support students’ balanced physical and mental development.
Moreover, parents can share experience on upbringing children or seek advice and assistance from the social workers through appointments.

Play Room / Interview Room

Besides Counselling Room, our social workers also do counselling work in Games Room / Interview Room.
In this room, the social workers help students express their feelings and difficulties through games.
This space also acts as an interview venue to meet and talk with parents when needed.

The covered playground

The covered playground is the place where students have morning assembly and gather together before school dismissal.
Currently it is air-conditioned and curtain doors are installed.
As such, the covered playground can now be readily converted into a multiple-purpose venue for seminars,
sports activities and other multiple-intelligence activities.